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    Career Coach Newsletter - March 2007 Edition - Snow Coach

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    1. I'm A Canadian Career Coach!


    2. Career Coach 7 Tips to Enjoying Yourself:


    a. A Challenging Activity That Requires Skill

    b. The Merging of Action and Awareness

    c. Clear Goals and Feedback

    d. Concentrating on the Task at Hand


    e. The Paradox of Control


    f. The Loss of Self-Consciousness


    g. The Transformation of Time


    3. Diary of Paul the Snow Shoveller


    4. Can You Figure Out How This Works?




    new.gifOne Chief Executive that I met this week was so 'out of control' of his own career that he had nearly lost all perspective on the situation. The very intensity of his worry was putting him in danger of losing his job. It was all too up-close and personal.


    Another Chief Executive that I'd been working with for only a short while was so enthusiastic and excited by his future plan that he couldn't sleep, not from worry, but from sheer joie de vivre.  


    So what do you feel is the defining difference?

    As you probably know I've moved to Canada and enjoying every minute of it! 
    Just so you know, I'm working with as many UK individuals as before. I find that telephone coaching is sometimes even more focused than one to one! So don't hesitate to give me a call on: 001 519 843 3149 and I'll call you right back.


    (My Skype name is: careersnet)


    For all you gorgeous, friendly and delightful Canadians out there - I can't compete yet with the state of the art home-grown career advice and guidance from your Canadian coaches, but I can certainly give you a new perspective. Don't hesitate to give me a call.  









    Margaret Stead

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